Close Listening w/ Charles Bernstein

On November 11, 2009, Marjorie Perloff spoke with Charles Bernstein on Close Listening. Their conversation and a reading from The Vienna Paradox have been archived at Pennsound.You will also find links at Charles Bernstein’s blog and Ron Silliman’s blog. Click through directly to the audio files at Pennsound below.

Close Listening
readings and conversations at Art International Radio
Clocktower Studio, New York, November 11, 2009

Program One:Vienna Paradox reading
Perloff  reads from her memoir Vienna Paradox (New Directions, 2004) about growing up in Vienna, and her subsequent move, just before the holocaust, to Riverdale.
Complete Program (26:49): MP3

Program Two: Conversation with Charles Bernstein
Perloff talks about Vienna Paradox, the influence of her experience as a refugee on her literary criticism, her perspective on being a second-language writer of English, the unknown 1950s, her graduate school days with the Christian Brothers at Catholic University of America, irony and Jewish identity, the importance of Karl Kraus and Ludwig Wittgenstein, and the pernicious influence of Martin Heidegger on postwar thought.
Complete Program (27:21) : MP3

Program Three: Conversation with Charles Bernstein
Perloff talks about a set of schisms that seem to divide 20th century poetry: Yeats versus Futurism; Robert Lowell versus Frank O’Hara; and Wallace Stevens versus Ezra Pound. She reflects on the ongoing legacies of radical modernism for contemporary poetry.
Complete Program (29:27): MP3

Close Listening produced by Charles Bernstein for Art International Radio
Studio Engineer: Jeannie Hooper:
© 2009 Marjorie Perloff and Charles Bernstein