Translations and Reprints


The Vienna Paradox,  translated by Gunter Haika, will be published in Austria by Praesens Verlag. (in press Summer 2013)

Other recent translations and reprints include:

La Escalera de Wittgenstein: El lenguaje poético y el extranmiento de lo ordinario.  Prólogo by Eduardo Espina, trad. Pilar Villela Mascaró.  (Mexico: Aldus, 2011).  373 pp.

Set of five essays on Perloff books by Hu Quansheng and others, Foreign Literature Studies, 33, no 4(August 2011), pp. 1-42.

“In Search of the Authentic Other: Some Thoughts on Araki Yasusada the Author,” in Scubadivers and Chrysanthemums: Essays on the Poetry of Araki Yasusada, ed. Bill Friend (Shearsman Books, 2012),  23-50.

“The Search for ‘Prime Words’: Pound, Duchamp, and the Nominalist Ethos,” rpt. in F. R. David (Amsterdam: De Aapel Art Center,Spring 2012), 95-130.

“Differential Reading” (Zroznicowane czytanie translation of First chapter of DIFFERENTIALS) into Polish in Wielogos 1 (9), 2011 (Krakow,2012), pp. 121-143..

“Teaching Poetry in Translation: The Case for Bilingualism,” rpt. in Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC (Cengage Learning).

“Abstraction and ‘Unreadability’ in Gertrude Stein’s Portraits: The Case of Christian Bérard” in Festschrift for Eniko Bollobas, Budapest 2013.