Circling the Canon, Volume II : The Selected Book Reviews of Marjorie Perloff, 1995-2017

ISBN 978-0-8263-6052-6


Perloff, Marjorie. Circling the Canon, Volume II: The Selected Book Reviews of Marjorie Perloff, 1995–2017. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2019.


Preface—David Jonathan Bayot
Acknowledgments—Marjorie Perloff
Introduction—Marjorie Perloff
Chapter One. Whose New American Poetry? Anthologizing in the Nineties
Chapter Two. A New Apollinaire Translation
Chapter Three. The Mina Loy Mysteries
Chapter Four. To Wonder Without Becoming Dry
Chapter Five. Four by John Ashbery
Chapter Six. Reading Gass Reading Rilke
Chapter Seven. The Rescue of the Singular
Chapter Eight. The Poetry of Tom Raworth
Chapter Nine. Translating Brazilian Concrete Poetry: The French Connection
Chapter Ten. Midwife to the Unborn Homunculus
Chapter Eleven. A New Ezra Pound
Chapter Twelve. Wars I Have Dreamed
Chapter Thirteen. The Return of Robert Lowell
Chapter Fourteen. Anna Akhmatova in Translation
Chapter Fifteen. Vienna Roast: On Elfriede Jelinek
Chapter Sixteen. Dreams of Weeds
Chapter Seventeen. The Poetics of Austerity
Chapter Eighteen. Hebrew Poetry in Medieval Spain
Chapter Nineteen. Resurrecting Vladimir Mayakovsky
Chapter Twenty. “The Ecstasy of Always Bursting Forth!”: Rereading Frank O’Hara
Chapter Twenty-One. The Beckett Correspondence
Chapter Twenty-Two. The Life of Lorine Niedecker
Chapter Twenty-Three. I Remember Vanilla Pudding
Chapter Twenty-Four. The Last Waltz
Chapter Twenty-Five. Insane River
Chapter Twenty-Six. The Eliot Correspondence
Chapter Twenty-Seven. Strange Voice
Chapter Twenty-Eight. C’est moi dans la poubelle
Chapter Twenty-Nine. Adrienne Rich: A Revaluation
Chapter Thirty. Empire Falls: Joseph Roth’s Dispatches from a Europe on the Brink
Chapter Thirty-One. Theorizing the Lyric
Chapter Thirty-Two. The William Empson Revival


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