Circling the Canon Volume I: The Selected Book Reviews of Marjorie Perloff, 1969-1994

ISBN 978-0-8263-6050-2


Perloff, Marjorie. Circling the Canon, Volume I: The Selected Book Reviews of Marjorie Perloff, 1969-1994. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2019.


Preface—David Jonathan Bayot
Acknowledgments—Marjorie Perloff
Introduction—Marjorie Perloff
Chapter One. The Hard Hours
Chapter Two. Yeats as Gnostic
Chapter Three. Extremist Poetry: Some Versions of the Sylvia Plath Myth
Chapter Four. Poetry Chronicle 1970–1971
Chapter Five. Roots and Blossoms
Chapter Six. Sometimes a Great Notion
Chapter Seven. The Poet and His Politics
Chapter Eight. A First Textbook
Chapter Nine. They Were There
Chapter Ten. Battle of the Books
Chapter Eleven. Frank O’Hara: The Poet as Critic
Chapter Twelve. The Poetry of Edward Dorn
Chapter Thirteen. Robert Lowell in Search of Himself
Chapter Fourteen. Talking at the Boundaries
Chapter Fifteen. John Ashbery: Poet of the Decade
Chapter Sixteen. Charles Olson in Connecticut
Chapter Seventeen. The Greening of Charles Olson
Chapter Eighteen. Poetic Artifice
Chapter Nineteen. Modern American Poets
Chapter Twenty. The Dice Cup
Chapter Twenty-One. The Challenge of German Lyric: Goethe and Heine in Translation
Chapter Twenty-Two. The French Connection
Chapter Twenty-Three. The Case of Amy Clampitt: A Reading of “Imago”
Chapter Twenty-Four. “Dirty” Language and Scramble Systems
Chapter Twenty-Five. Hölderlin Our Contemporary
Chapter Twenty-Six. Of Canons and Contemporaries
Chapter Twenty-Seven. Agon
Chapter Twenty-Eight. Theories of the Avant-Garde
Chapter Twenty-Nine. The Rise and Fall of English Modernism
Chapter Thirty. Sylvia Plath as Cultural Icon
Chapter Thirty-One. What to Make of a Diminished Thing
Chapter Thirty-Two. The Poetry of Kurt Schwitters


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