Differentials: Poetry, Poetics, Pedagogy

ISBN 0817314210, 9780817314217


Perloff, Marjorie. Differentials: Poetry, Poetics, Pedagogy. University of Alabama Press, 2004.


Introduction: Differential Reading
1. Crisis in the humanities?: reconfiguring literary study for the twenty-first century    1
2. Cunning passages and contrived corridors: rereading Eliot’s “Gerontion”    20
3. The search for “prime words”: Pound, Duchamp, and the nominalist ethos    39
4. “But isn’t the same at least the same?”: Wittgenstein on translation    60
5. “Logocinema of the frontiersman”: Eugene Jolas’s multilingual poetics and its legacies    82
6. “The silence that is not silence”: acoustic art in Samuel Beckett’s radio plays    102
7. Language poetry and the lyric subject: Ron Silliman’s Albany, Susan Howe’s Buffalo    129
8. After language poetry: innovation and its theoretical discontents    155
9. The invention of “concrete prose”: Haroldo de Campos’s Galaxias and after    175
10. Songs of the earth Ronald Johnson’s verbivocovisuals    194
11. The Oulipo factor : the procedural poetics of Christian Bok and Caroline Bergvall    205
12. Filling the space with trace: Tom Raworth’s “Letters from Yaddo”    227
13. Teaching the “new” poetries: the case of Rae Armantrout    243
14. Writing poetry/writing about poetry: some problems of affiliation    258


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