Poetics of Indeterminacy

ISBN 0810117649, 9780810117648


Perloff, Marjorie. The Poetics of Indeterminacy. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1981.


1. Unreal Cities 3
2. “Trouver une langue”: The Anti-paysage of Rimbaud   45
3. Poetry as Word-System: The Art of Gertrude Stein   67
4. “Lines Converging and Crossing”: The “French” Decade of William Carlos Williams   109
5. “No Edges, No Convexities”: Ezra Pound and the Circle of Fragments   155
6. “The Space of a Door”: Beckett and the Poetry of Absence   200 [PDF]
7. “Mysteries of Construction”: The Dream Songs of John Ashbery   248 [PDF]
8. “No More Margins”: John Cage, David Antin, and the Poetry of Performance   288
Index   341


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