Postmodern Genres

ISBN 0-8061-2715-5


Perloff, Marjorie. Postmodern Genres. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1989.


Series Editors’ Foreword (vii)
1. Introduction Marjorie Perloff 3
2. Do Postmodern Genres Exist? Ralph Cohen 11
3. From Opera to Postmodernity: On Genre, Style, Institutions Herbert Lindenberger 28
4. “The Pastime of Past Time”: Fiction, History, Historiographic Metafiction Linda Hutcheon 54
5. Palimtexts: Postmodern Poetry and the Material Text Michael Davidson 75
6. Gertrude Stein, cubism, and the Postmodern Book Renee Riese Hubert 96
7. Generating the Subject: The Images of cindy Sherman Frederick Garber 126
8. “Always Two Things Switching”: Laurie Anderson’s Alterity Jessica Prinz 150
9. Installation and Dislocation: The Example of Jonathan Borofsky Henry M. Sayre 175
10. Music for Words Perhaps: Reading/Hearing/Seeing John Cage’s Roaratorio Marjorie Perloff 193
11. The Stranger at the Door David Antin 229
12. Post-Scriptum—High-Modern Joan Retallack 248
Index 274


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