Rhyme and Meaning in the Poetry of Yeats

LOC#: 78-102959


Perloff, Marjorie. Rhyme and Meaning in the Poetry of Yeats. Paris: Mouton, 1970.


Acknowledgments 7
Abbreviations 11
Introduction 13

I. The Phonetic Function of Rhyme in Yeats’s Poetry

1. The distribution of Rhyme and Epiphora 20
2. The Classification and Distribution of Yeats’s Approximate Rhymes 29

II. Rhyme and Meaning in the Poetry of Yeats

3. The Relation of Rhyme to Meaning 43
4. Semantically Neutral Rhymes in Yeats’s Poetry 50
5. Rhyme and Semantic Congruity in Yeats’s Poetry 57

a. Symbol-Rhyme 57
b. Causal-Rhyme 63
c. Synonym-Rhyme 67
d. Metonymy-Rhyme 71
e. Symbolic Association-Rhyme 78

6. Rhyme and Semantic Disparity in Yeats’s Poetry 84
7. The Distribution of Rhymes Involving Semantic Relationships in Yeats’s Poetry 107
8. The Correlation Between Approximate Rhyme and Meaning in Yeats’s Poetry 111

III. The Rhyme Structure of the Byzantium Poems

Appendix 144
Bibliography 243