The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound

ISBN 9780226657424, 9780226657431


Perloff, Marjorie and Craig Dworkin, Eds. The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2009.


The sound of poetry / the poetry of sound / Marjorie Perloff and Craig Dworkin 1
Prelude: Poetry and Orality? / Jacques Roubaud (translated by Jean-Jacques Poucel) 18

Part I. Translating Sound

Rhyme and freedom / Susan Stewart 29
In the beginning was translation / Leevi Lehto 49
Chinese whispers / Yunte Huang 53
Translating the sound in poetry: six propositions / Rosmarie Waldrop 60
“Ensemble discords”: translating the music of Maurice SceÌ€ve’s Délie / Richard Sieburth 66
The poetry of prose, the unyielding of sound / Gordana P. Crnkovi 79

Part II. Performing Sound

Sound poetry and the musical avant-garde: a musicologist’s perspective / Nancy Perloff 97
Cacophony, abstraction, and potentiality: the fate of the Dada sound poem / Steve Mccaffery 118
When cyborgs versify / Christian Bök 129
Hearing voices / Charles Bernstein 142
Impossible reversibilities: Jackson Mac Low / Hélène Aji 149
The stutter of form / Craig Dworkin 166
The art of being nonsynchronous / Yoko Tawada (translated by Susan Bernofsky) 184

Part III. Sounding the Visual

Writing articulation of sound forms in time / Susan Howe 199
Jean Cocteau’s radio poetry / Rubén Gallo 205
Sound as subject: Augusto de Campos’s poetamenos /Antonio Sergio Bessa 219
Not sound / Johanna Drucker 237
The sound shape of the visual: toward a phenomenology of an interface / Ming-Qian Ma 249
Visual experiment and oral performance / Brian M. Reed 270
Postlude: I love speech / Kenneth Goldsmith 285
Notes / 291
List of Contributors / 239
Index / 333


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